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Servus #9

-New developments in the social partner model

-PSVaG: declining insolvency activity in 2021

-New BMF letter on company pension schemes

-Case law: employer allowance

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Servus #8

-Significant increase in statutory pensions as of 01.07.2022

-Exit from the entry into funded pension insurance

-Pension obligations of Dax 40 companies

-False start for pan-European pension products

-Case law: Garnishment Protection in the Context of a Deferred Compensation Scheme

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Servus #7

-20 years of Riester pension

-Pension insurance report 2021

-Pension obligations of Dax 40 companies

-Case law: pension commitment as hidden profit distribution

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Servus #6

-Post-election reading of the Federal Elections: pension plans in the coalition agreement

-Increase in statutory pensions as of 01.07.2022

-Adjustment of the social security contribution rates and their impact on occupational pensions

-Setting the PSV contribution rate for 2021 at 0.6


-Case law: reduced earning capacity pension

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Servus #4

-Corona and Pensions

-Company Pension Strengthening Act – Update

-Double Taxation of Pensions

-Benchmarking Report 2021

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Servus #3

-Reduction of the Actuarial Interest Rate

-Allianz Compares Pension Systems Worldwide: Germany Only Ranked 26th

-Company Pension Schemes Remain the Most Important Benefit for Employees

-Transparency and Sustainability

-Legitimate Use of the Part-time Factor in Part-time Work

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Servus #2

-The Prevalence of Company Pensions in Germany

-Additional Earning Points for Long-Term Contributors

-Legislative Draft Amendment to the Entitlement to a Pension Rights Adjustment

-Occupational Pension Reforms in Three Steps

-Recent decision: Transfer of Undertaking Following Insolvency

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Servus #1

-EPF Euro-BetriebsPensionsFonds e.V. (EPF)

-Draft of the Social Security Assessment Ceilings

-Announcement of the Introduction of a Digital Pension Summary

-Pension Security Association (PSV): Contribution Rate 2020

-Insolvency Insurance of Pension Funds Commitments

-Insurance Carriers Under Pressure

-Increased Demand for Company Pension due to Corona

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