Munich, Germany

Who are we?

We are an independent and experienced consultancy that offers authentic, personalized and comprehensible advice in every area of Employee Benefits.

Apart from an attractive salary, innovative supplementary benefits are becoming increasingly important in order to recruit and retain qualified employees. Our job is to help create a sustainable HR policy and assist you in the conceptualization and financing of suitable benefit plans for your employees.


Our team consists of over 20 employees from more than 10 countries who have many years of experience in the field of benefits. In addition to flat hierarchies, what sets us apart is the way we treat each other – regardless of position, be it management, consultant or student employee. All employees have one trait in common: professional dealings with customers and partners are top priority and always a matter of fact.


Jürgen Kropp

Managing Director / CEO

Michael Stache

Vice President Sales / CSO

Mathias Thiel

Vice President Operations / COO


Dr. Florian Hering

Senior Account Manager

Alan Reader

Senior Account Manager

Josef Pflieger

Senior Account Manager

Michael Rath

Senior Account Manager

Sandra Scholtis

Head of Account Management

Dominik Weigl

Account Manager

Robert Reichel

Account Manager

Burak Keçik

Account Manager

Fangfang Zheng

Account Manager

Christopher König

Account Manager

Aliye Krvavac

Account Manager

Bodo Baráth

Account Manager

Nadine Ladwig

Account Manager

Svetlana Dubava

Account Manager

Christian Tews

Account Manager

Victoria Salemme

Team & Sales Assistant

César Martínez

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

Nina Kreuzhuber

HR Consultant & Legal

Susan Meda

Senior HR & Benefits Consultant

Meike Berger

Benefits & Global Mobility Consultant

Susanne Schendera


Natalya Steinert


Marina Stoyanova

Office Manager

Julia Strohmenger

Working Student

Hoàng Anh Nguyen

Working Student

Alessia Rutili

Working Student


Incorporation of 
Profion GmbH

(back then Dr. Lutz Beratungsinstitut für Altersversorgung GmbH) 


Establishment of the EPF Euro-Betriebs
PensionsFonds e.V.

as Profion’s own, congruent and reinsured support fund

Appointment of 
Juergen Kropp as
Managing Director/CEO of Profion


Acquisition of Profion’s first corporate client,
Lotus Development GmbH

First partnership agreement with US Benefit Consultant 

(PIC Polak International Consultants,
Los Angeles)


First client visit and
presentation in USA

(Globex conference in San Diego)


First membership in an international Employee Benefits network 

(Globex USA)


Profion manages
more than 50
corporate clients

GmbH invests in Profion


Membership in the
partner network WBN

Membership in the partner network Gallagher


Membership in the partner network ASINTA


Over 100 clients and the start of HR Services

Membership in the partner network Sequoia


Profion manages
over 200 clients

The EPF manages more than 100 Million Euro in assets



We belong to various international networks made up of employee benefits consultants and brokerage firms. These networks give us access to international experts who are acquainted with their home markets and capable of assisting our clients with the implementation of country specific financial and benefit packages. Conversely, we are an important point of reference when it comes to an international client’s need for advice for a branch in Germany.

Some of our network partners at a glance