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Finding the best employees with a good company pension plan

Highly capable employees expect attractive pension benefits from employers and above all, a company pension plan (bAV). In the War for Talent, we help international companies of all sizes gain a foothold in Germany through targeted selection, administration and communication of insured benefits.

Employees in Germany attach great importance to a company pension plan (bAV) and other benefits. Through us, you not only receive a powerful bAV package with special conditions for teams of all sizes, we also take care of all administration and employee communication.

We are the best option because we bring what international companies in Germany need most:

  • Many years of experience with the requirements of international companies, especially in competitive industries such as IT, tech and pharmaceutical industries
  • Powerful benefits for teams of any size (one person or more)
  • Any legal entity is welcome, e.g. GmbH, Ltd., DAC, S.à r.l., B.V.
  • Communication in German and English

Profion can help you with implementing a variety of company pension plans.

What distinguishes us from competitors is that we work with our own support fund. This allows you as a company to remain as flexible and agile as your corporate DNA dictates. Through our support fund, you can select the pension products of your choice for as little as one employee without reporting them on your balance sheet. Because we take over the complete administration and communication with your employees, there is no additional administrative work for you.

Our Services

You can obtain these pension products through us:

Pension plan

In times when the state/statutory pension is no longer sufficient, additional provision for retirement from the employer is more important than ever.

Occupational Disability

With a company occupational disability insurance policy, you can set up strong pension benefits for your employees through us without an additional health check.

Survivors' Insurance

Employees value the supplementary coverage for their own family if the employer provides additional survivor coverage for this as part of its duty of care.

AD&D Insurance

In addition to occupational benefits, death and disability insurance protects employees and their families against the financial consequences of serious accidents at work and in their leisure time.