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Servus #21

-Decrease in workplace accidents

-Development of the basic pension supplement introduced in 2021

-Pension Security Association (PSVaG): Increase in insolvencies

-Reform of the Occupational Pensions Strengthening Act

-Jurisprudence I: Continued employment while receiving a pension

-Jurisprudence II: Contribution obligation in statutory health insurance for direct insurance taken over by the employee

-Fringe Benefit “Family Service” – Support for Employees in Special Life Situations

From HR Practice: Handling the New Funding Limits for Capital-Forming Benefits

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Servus #20

-Increase in statutory pensions as of 01.07.2024

-Pension package II

-Flexible retirement models due to the abolition of supplementary income limits

-Case law: The Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof, BFH) judgement on the one-fifth rule

-Levels on the Rhine rising steadily

-Generation Z’s preferences in fringe benefits: Looking at current trends

-Expiry and limitation of statutory holiday entitlement

Right to Disconnect – The right to switch off

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Servus #19

-Current developments in the statutory pension insurance

-Case law: Part-time employment and company pension schemes

-Under the magnifying glass: Work-life-love balance

-Mobility budget – the future of employee mobility

-From HR practice: the A1 certificate

-Parental allowance limit decided

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Servus #18

-Reform of statutory pension insurance: Generation capital on the brink of extinction

-Case law I: Termination of employment as a prerequisite for disability pension

-Test he who bindeth himself forever – keep your eyes open when buying a company

-Case law II: Sick leave after termination of employment

-Parental allowance: income limit to fall only gradually

-EU Whistleblowing Directive

-On our own behalf

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Servus #17

-Calculation parameters of social security contributions in 2024

-Reform recommendations of the focus group on private pensions

-Consideration of sustainability preferences in insurance investment products – what is it and what will change in 2024?

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Servus #16

-Workation: when “work” and “vacation” merge

-The Obligation to Record Working Time: what’s the status in Germany?

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Servus #15

-Long-Term Care Support and Relief Act

-Annual Report PSVaG 2022

-EU Conversion Directive and occupational pensions

-Effects of the current interest rate development on the scope of obligations in occupational pension schemes

-Inflation compensation bonus: up to 3,000 euros tax-free

-Home office tax rebate increases in 2023

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Servus #14

-State pension increase to 01.07.2023

-Reform of the statutory pension insurance: Concept of the Federal Ministry of Finance on “Generation Capital”

-Case law: BAG decision on settlement calculation for lifelong retirement pensions

-Current developments in working time accounts

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Servus #13

-Reform of private pensions: GDV’s “citizen’s pension”

-Case law: BGH decision on an employee’s right to object to a company pension plan

-Calculation parameters in social insurance 2023

-Stable development of the EPF

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