benefits for life

Meaningful data for a successful benefits strategy

Align your benefits strategy in Germany with reliable data and ensure that you meet the expectations of your future employees and keep up with the competition. Our exhaustive benchmarking report on the tech industry and selected data on other industries, gives you valuable guidance on how to best design your benefit portfolio.

Surveys show that employers often misjudge the attractiveness of individual employee benefits such as health insurance, company pension plan, company car, and company bicycle. This danger is particularly great for companies headquartered in other countries. For example, many health services that are highly asked for in the U.S. are covered by statutory health insurance in Germany. In addition, there are different legal bases, mindsets and intercultural differences that need to be considered.

Our benchmarking report saves you from serious misunderstandings and shows you which services are really well received in your industry and in the German labor market.

The Content:
  • Data from more than 130 companies
  • Detailed information on insured employee benefits and uninsured fringe benefits
  • Overview of base salaries in the tech industry
  • Survey results on the attractiveness of individual benefits for employees


Sustainable mobility such as company bicycle

Flexible working hours and mobile working

Mental, health and financial Wellbeing