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Euro-BetriebsPensionsFonds e.V. (EPF)

An Independent support fund, for the implementation of company pension plans, offers great advantages, especially to high earners and foreign companies based in Germany.
The EPF, which is tax-exempt as a social institution, is free to choose its reinsurance policies.
This allows us to offer companies of all sizes tailor-made insurance solutions with excellent conditions. In addition, you as an employer, benefit from the balance sheet neutrality of this implementation method.

Background and Figures

The EPF was founded in 1999 as an independent support fund in the legal form of a registered association. It is open to companies in all sectors; around 550 companies now use the EPF to run their company pension plans for roughly 80,000 employees.

Over the years, the coverage capital of the reinsurance policies has reached a volume of around 200 million euros.
Mathias Thiel and Dr. Torsten Reich are on the EPF’s Board of Management. Under the terms of the agency agreement, the EPF is managed by Profion GmbH.

Financing of the Benefits