Munich, Germany

EPF Euro-BetriebsPensionFonds e.V. (EPF)

The EPF was founded in 1999 as an independent support fund and registered association. EPF membership is open to companies in any branch. Currently, about 462 companies use the EPF for the implementation of occupational pension schemes for their approximately 81,000 employees. The EPF is able to obtain the best conditions for its members due to its freedom to select reinsurers. Over the years, the assets/reserves of the reinsurance policies have reached approximately EUR 156m.

Support funds, which are the oldest means of implementing a company pension in Germany, are more relevant than ever today. They provide significant advantages, particularly for high earners and foreign corporate forms.

The EPF Board of Directors is comprised of Mathias Thiel and Dr. Torsten Reich and is supported and advised by an Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee comprises 5 members selected from among the member companies. Administration is done by Profion GmbH in through terms of stipulated in a third party agreement.